Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

January 5, 2007

As i mentioned in my previous post, i am in a long term relationship. Having known that commitment is just not my type of thing i am still amazed how long this one lasted. But lots of things have changed since the very first day, especially considering the point that our relationship stuck into (or the dead end we have driven into).

I personally observed that the joy has vanished. Every word i told her was magical in the beginning, but now -even though they are meant to be good things- my every single attempt to begin a conversation is considered as a curse to her. It is so hard to talk to your partner if you have lost the charm between each other.

I am petting an untamed-single eyed trouser snake in my underpants, therefore i am a man. As if it does not seem so from her point of view, it is NOT easy to be a man. We are still sharing the same gene pool with the ancient caveman and it can be an excuse for our vandalic behaviour. This does not make sense: they would like us to understand their emotional-stressful periods but they don’t give a shit about our manly instincts. If it is including this, i would be a volunteer to participate in gender equality called thing.

Apart from the caveman instincts, men have evolved. Even they don’t admit we also have feelings, our hearts can be broken too. It does not happen so sudden, a step by step process is needed. Metal fatique would be great metaphor for this.

As a conclusion, women are assholes.


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