January 5, 2007


If you have too much spare time and a twisted mind like mine, by the time you reach twentysomething ages you instantly find yourself looking back questioning your life. Well, even it does not seem same to others i think i have made some remarkable things.

Age 4: Finally managed to not-to-wet my bed (that age 11 thing was a small exception, considering the liquids i consumed that night, phew)

Age 10: After succeeding in the exams, gained opoortunity to attend a school which gave me this f**king terrible english.

Age 13: Fell in love for the first time. After forgetting her in a short time discovered that love can be a fake feeling.

Age 14: Made first decision about my career and attained military high school as a cadet.

Age 15: Became a guinea pig for my own experiments about the effects of alcohol on human body. Found the numb feeling good. Decided to do that often.

Age 18: Made first correction about my career and left military school.

Age 19: Found myself in college by a series of coincidences and became to-be-a mechanical engineer.

Age 20: Admitted that it was not easy to graduate from college.

Age 21: Same old stuff about love. This time the feeling was strong about it is true love. Fake again. Also acquired driving license, my own one. Really.

Age 22: Left parents’ home and began living in a junkhole with homies from school. Cooked for the first time. Felt lucky for not considering cookery as a career.

Age 23: Fell in love. Different from the other ones, this time girl fell in love with me too. Stepped into a long term relationship without knowing it was one.

Even though i was not so satisfied with it before revising my life now it seems much more ok with me. Could it be better? Maybe. I don’t care, honestly.


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