Floydian Project Mayhem

January 8, 2007

Wandering around the stations, i bumped into a music video and simply could not zap because the tune was so familiar, timeless hit Another Brick in the Wall, pt. II by Pink Floyd. Just for my respect for the band i watched the video from halfway to end and learned that it was another cover by someone called Eric Prydz.

All i can really remember is a bunch of kids with school uniforms hacking secretly into people’s apartments and fixing lightbulbs, tv’s and other stuff to prevent global warming, even when a couple trying to bang. Oops, i almost forgot to mention about the boy making fancy BMX tricks in between.

Nice message you sent out there, congrats! But i won’t hesitate to blow her brains out if i find some schoolgirl hiding in my bathtub while i try to deliver my poo, even though she wears a plaid skirt!


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